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CANNEXOL Fullspectrum oil is the „cannhelp original“, which has already proven itself on the market since 2015. CANNEXOL Fullspectrum oil is a pure hemp product made from austrian organic hemp seed oil, combined with high-quality EU hemp extract with full cannabinoid spectrum from biodynamic cultivation. The hand-harvested certified organic hemp is processed into the extract by CO2 extraction. Therefore, all ingredients remain maximally bioavailable and the extract has a high content of chlorophylls, flavonoids and waxes from the hemp plant. This gives it the green color and the tart aroma. Due to the hemp seed oil, it contains high levels of omega-3, omega-6 and linolenic acid, as well as vitamin E. The natural THC content is just below the legal limit of 0.2%, and is therefore legally available in all European countries. This combination makes the oil a unique product on the market and we are pleased that many customers attribute a particularly strong effect to CANNEXOL CBD oil.

This product has been awarded the AC Drop – an independent seal of approval for testing and certification of phytopharmaceutical cannabis products.



100% natural, vegan! Regional, organic raw materials are part of our philosophy. Where possible we use organic products and ingredients in our products.


Approved Quality

We adhere to the highest standards and guarantee the best quality. Together with our partners, we are constantly developing new CBD products.


Sustainable value creation

Sustainability is also a matter close to our hearts. With selected regional partners, we will continue to minimize ourcarbon footprint.


Fairness and humanity

In order to give every person access to high-quality CBD products, our pricing policy is honest and fair. Humanity and sympathy – that’s what cannhelp stands for.


Wellbeing & joie de vivre

The well-being of our customers is very important to us, which is why we invest heavily in CBD research with our partners.

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